Grandma Pat’s Magical Wardrobe

Publisher: Dolly Books

Grandma Pat has a grand wardrobe and she would like to share with everyone the Traditional Costumes of some of our Ethnic Races in Singapore. Grandma Pat is so amazing; she changes into the beautiful outfits so quickly! She hopes to introduce these outfits, so that we will all get to know what our friends wear traditionally for the festivals that they celebrate, Grandma Pat also wears matching footwear for each of the outfits. So come on, let's have some fun and go into Grandma Pat's Magical Wardrobe and learn more about what our felow Singaporean friends wear traditionally. One of Grandma Pat's favourite National Day Songs which was sung in 1987, always reminds her of something very important and she hopes that it will be the same for us as well.

ISBN: 9789811169779
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 24
Year Published: 2019
Language: English

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