Great Expatations: Don't Chop My Passport and other stories

Great Expatations gives an eye-opening glimpse of bewildering situations that expats in Singapore may find themselves in. It features contributors of varied nationalities and professions, and peels away the many layers that make up Singapore, the island that many expats have come to love. Totally sincere and without hypocrisy, they reveal what they love and dislike about this Little Red Dot they call home. They share with open honesty and lightheartedness that will delight fellow expats who have had similar experiences and offer Singaporeans a whole new perspective on their local way of life. A glossary of Singlish terms is included to help non-Singaporeans who are absolutely clueless about the local lingo used in the book. ISBN: 9789814361354
Page Count: 256
Year Published: 2012
Language: English

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