How To Forge A Frogman


When Max West was called to perform his mandatory National Service in the Singapore Armed Forces, he was one of just two angmohs posted to the elite Naval Diving Unit. Half-American and half-Singaporean, he was the only trainee who hadn’t attended a local school, and was completely out of his element. 

In this candid firsthand account, West chronicles the gruelling, specialised training the 39th batch endured, as well as the intense camaraderie they forged throughout, revealing what it takes to succeed as a naval diver in the SAF. Unrestrained in its frankness and compellingly told, this book is a unique coming-of-age Story in a singularly Singaporean setting.

ISBN: 9789814721752
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 200
Year Published: 2017
Language: English

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