Human Amniotic Membrane: Basic Science and Clinical Application


This book is a comprehensive guide for all tissue bank operators to screen, procure and process amniotic membrane for clinical application.

The amnion comes close to being the ideal biological membrane or dressing — readily available, inexpensive to procure and process. Its basic science is discussed in detail — anatomy, biological and biomechanical properties.

It can be procured from the placenta in normal vaginal deliveries and from Caesarean Sections. Processing is by freeze-drying or by air-drying process with sterilisation using gamma irradiation.

The product has low antigenicity, has anti-microbial properties with ability to enhance epithelisation with marked relief of pain. It is useful as a dressing for wounds — flap wounds, burn wounds, injury wounds, diabetic ulcers, leprous ulcers and post-surgery wounds and post-radiation wounds. It is also used as a biological scaffold for cells in tissue engineering. Its ophthalmic applications include treatment of corneal ulcers and conjunctival tumours. Oral uses include gingiva depigmentation and periodontal regeneration.

Sample Chapter(s)
Chapter 1: IAEA Programmes in Tissue Banking in Asia-Pacific Region (5,359 KB)

  • Section I: Introduction:
    • IAEA Programmes in Tissue Banking in Asia-Pacific Region (Nazly Hilmy and Norimah Yusof)
    • Tissue Banking in Asia Pacific Region: Past, Present, Future (Aziz Nather, Foong Shi Yun Mandy, Tan Ning and Wang Kaiying)
    • Training Tissue Bank Operators — 20 Years of Experience by IAEA/NUS Regional Training Centre (Aziz Nather and Wo Yu Jun)
  • Section II: Historical Development and Basic Science:
    • Historical Development of Amnion (Norimah Yusof and Nazly Hilmy)
    • Anatomy and Histology of Amnion (Nazly Hilmy and Norimah Yusof)
    • Biological Properties and Functions of Amnion (Paramita Pandansari, Retno Dwijartini Tantin, Basril Abbas and Nazly Hilmy)
    • Physical Properties of Amnion (Norimah Yusof and Nazly Hilmy)
  • Section III: Screening, Procurement and Processing:
    • Transmissible Diseases (Aziz Nather, Sherilyn Leong Li Juan and Wo Yu Jun)
    • Donor Suitability (Aziz Nather, Wo Yu Jun, Sherilyn Leong Li Juan, Norimah Yusof and Nazly Hilmy)
    • Procurement and Processing of Amniotic Membrane (Nazly Hilmy and Norimah Yusof)
  • Section IV: Sterilisation and Quality Control:
    • Sterilisation of Amnion (Norimah Yusof and Nazly Hilmy)
    • Routine Quality Control of Processed Amniotic Membrane (Norimah Yusof and Nazly Hilmy)
  • Section V: Clinical Applications:
    • Management of Wounds:
      • Use of Amnion in Plastic Surgery (Ahmad Sukari Halim, Leow Aik Ming, Aravazhi Ananda Dorai and Wan Azman Wan Sulaiman)
      • Role of Amnion for Treating Burns (Hasim Mohamad)
      • Role of Amnion for Healing of Wounds (Menkher Manjas, Petrus Tarusaraya and Nazly Hilmy)
      • Amnion Dressing in the Management of Radiation Skin Reaction Following Post Radiotherapy (Menkher Manjas)
    • Ophthalmic Applications:
      • Freeze-Dried Irradiated Amnion in Ophthalmic Surgery (Nazly Hilmy, Paramita Pandansari, Getry Sukmawati Ibrahim, S Indira, S Bambang, Radiah Sunarti and Susi Heryati)
      • Multi Layer Amniotic Membrane Transplantation (MLAMT) for Ocular Reconstruction (Getry Sukmawati Ibrahim and Havriza Vitresia)
    • Oral Cavity Applications:
      • Gingiva Depigmentation Using Amniotic Membrane (Retno Dwijartini Tantin, Basril Abbas, Paramita Pandansari and Nazly Hilmy)
      • Amniotic Membrane in Periodontal Regeneration (Shaila Kothiwale)

Readership: This book will serve as a useful guide to tissue bank operators in the Asia Pacific region including China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.


ISBN: 9789813226340
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 380
Year Published: 2017
Language: English

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