Jack Is Curious: Will I Grow Old? (Book 1)

Publisher: Epigram Books


This charming new series views the world from the inquisitive eye of a child; each book addresses a question that could stump many a parent. 

Jack is a cheeky and curious boy who lives in Singapore. One night during storytime, he notices wrinkles around Mama’s eyes and he starts to worry: “What if I don’t recognise Mama one day? Will you grow old? Will I grow old too?” he asks. Only Mama knows exactly how to answer—unconventionally.

“Very fresh and very personal. A mother sharing secrets with her sonand with the reader at the same time.”
James Lee, author of the bestselling Mr Midnight and Mr Mystery series

“Jai loved it the first time I read to him. He saw himself (only child, loves trains and TV) and asked me to read Will I Grow Old? the second night because he loves tickles too!”
Bao Poh Yin Eng, co-founder of Lagom Kids

ISBN: 9789814655248
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 24
Year Published: 2018
Language: English

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