Jakarta Undercover II

Publisher: Monsoon Books

After the enormous success of Jakarta Undercover, Moammar Emka is back with more on the seedy nightlife and underground sex servics of modern, hip Jakarta. Delving deep into the city‰۪s karaoke clubs, massage parlours and transit hotels, the author takes it upon himself to experience first-hand the tasty delights on offer and what exactly they involve. What is a cat-bath massage? Who are the Mickey Mouse girls? How much does an all-night gigolo really cost? How popular is the after-lunch hand-roll service? From swingers parties to midnight lesbian packages, Jakarta seems to have it all when it comes to sexual services. And if you thought the first book was explosive, Jakarta Undercover II will leave your imagination running wild. Over 500,000 copies of the Jakarta Undercover series sold worldwide!

Find the first book, Jakarta Undercover here.

Jakarta Undercover by Moammar Emka

ISBN: 9789814423564
Page Count: 224
Year Published: 2014
Language: English

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