Jerks Won't Give you Flowers

Publisher: Epigram Books

Jerks Won’t Give You Flowers is a graphic novel documenting the trials and tribulations of one young woman’s quest to find love in the big city. Too cool for her small hometown, yet too provincial for the metropolis, she’s the Moderna de Pueblo (Small-town Hipster). In her search for a job, an apartment and love, she finds that big city life isn’t all she imagined. With the wealth of new experiences comes an equal wealth of jerks in all shapes and sizes: the Classic Jerk, the Cultural Snob Jerk, the Tough Guy Jerk, the One-Night-Only Jerk, the Jerk Jerk (whose jerk-like behaviour is self aware and premeditated)... It’s a tough world out there, but armed with two unshakeable girlfriends and a generous does of gumption, our heroine takes the city on. One jerk at a time.

Worldly yet naïve, jaded yet eternally hopeful, perpetually plugged in yet painfully adrift, the Moderna de Pueblo is an achingly accurate description of a twenty-something trying to find happiness in the big city. By turns wry, knowing and gently humorous, this graphic novel will be sure to resonate with the young and the restless, navigating relationships, jobs, friends and love in the city.

ISBN: 9789814655200
Page Count: 160
Year Published: 2016
Language: English

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