Jesus and His Family

Publisher: Armour Publishing

Though fully divine, Jesus was also fully human and had an earthly family. In fact, for most of his earthly life, He lived at home in Nazareth and fitted into the routines of family life. Yet, not much is written on this, partly because of limited references to the family of Jesus in the Bible. But there is sufficient information that offers various interesting family portraits. Carefully examining these biblical texts, Bishop Solomon makes use of reliable extra-biblical texts and reflective imagination to read “between the lines” on possible conversations and motives. The result is a fascinating glimpse of Jesus and His family, and how He related to His parents, siblings and cousins. The reader will note the implications for contemporary families. The book has an unexpected and inspiring conclusion that invites the reader to make the most important decision in life.

ISBN: 9789814668491
Page Count: 216
Year Published: 2015
Language: English

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