Jubilee and the Destiny of Nations

Publisher: Armour Publishing

Whether God judges a nation to be a sheep or goat nation depends on whether it is a righteous nation which fulfills God’s plans for its destiny. How it treats Israel is key, as God promised Abraham He would bless/curse the nations that blessed/cursed Israel. In these last days before the Second Coming of Christ, the watchmen on the wall are commissioned to watch and pray. This book explores how the saints are to understand the times and to exercise their executive authority through prayer and prophetic intercession.
The Lord’s Jubilee, occurring once every 50 years, is a significant milestone in a nation’s walk towards or away from destiny. As Independent Singapore turns 50, the saints must act and intercede for national righteousness, so that our nation may be confirmed on the path to destiny and God’s blessings at Jubilee, and attain its call to be the Antioch of Asia.

ISBN: 9789814597654
Page Count: 288
Year Published: 2014
Language: English

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