Kampong Spirit


The most significant aspect of living in a kampong was its kampong spirit—or gotong royong. Though deprived of modern comforts like electricity or running water, multi-racial neighbours lived harmoniously with each other in their attap villages, had a wonderful zest for life and a strong sense of community. Kampong Spirit brings to life the colourful characters of the villagers with whom the Peranakan author, Josephine Chia, grew up at a kampong in Potong Pasir.

The period 1955 to 1965 was also a dramatic era for Singapore. As the country struggled towards nationhood, the social and political events of this time and their effects are seen through the eyes of the common folk.

This collection of delightful, real life short stories will take you through Singapore’s history and heritage at a human level. For some, it will be a journey of discovery and for others it will be a time of reminiscing for those nostalgic years.

This book gives a fascinating insight into life in a Singaporean Kampong during the transition from British rule to self-government with comparisons at different levels of living conditions. Josephine ‘s remarkable recall of childhood memories is fascinating ... This is a very well written book with vivid descriptions that are believable. It could be a useful reference book for students of the history of Singapore. 

—Jennie Lisney,

Vice President of UK’s Society of Woman Writers & Journalists

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ISBN: 9789814398602
Page Count: 232
Year Published: 2013
Language: English

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