Life and Death in Changi

Publisher: Landmark Books
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This is the diary of Thomas Kitching, Chief Surveyor of Singapore when the island fell to the Japanese in 1942. It records Tom’s experiences in the last desperate days before the surrender and the 786 days he spent in Changi Prison. It is a tragic story of a family effected by war, of a mother missing and a father interned. Neither survived.

“[Readers] will find a meticulous account of the day events, some frightening, appalling, inspiring, funny, fatal, all true and honest. It is a picture of the way things were. Here is the work of an observant, honest, brave, lovable human being. Tom Kitching had many friends. He will have many satisfied readers.”
—Freddy Bloon, ex-Changi internee, in Bamboo Wireless,
Newsletter of Association of British Civilian Internees Far East Region

ISBN: 9789813065635
Cover Type: Softcover
Year Published: 2002
Language: English

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