Like a Fire in My Bones

Publisher: Armour Publishing

A brave and honest question, asked by a young man raised in a Christian family. As Darius Lee asked this question, and many more, God answered with clarity and power.
This book challenges us to answer our Lord’s call to discipleship, and to actively bring Christ into the fallen world we live in, with its increasingly confused notions of Truth, Love and Identity. In Darius’ testimony, God placed upon his heart a brimming burden for justice and righteousness so heavy that he could not remain silent but soon found himself speaking out for God. He has defended religious freedom, marriage and the sanctity of human life on various platforms.
Ultimately, Like a Fire in My Bones is a book that will not only challenge you, but will equip you to address some of the most controversial issues of our day, including secularism, same-sex marriage and abortion.

ISBN: 9789814668347
Page Count: 128
Year Published: 2015
Language: English

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