Lion City Adventures: Island Of Legends

By: Don Bosco

Award-winning author Don Bosco returns with a fantastic new book inspired by the traditional tales of old Singapore.

ISLAND OF LEGENDS features eight of the greatest legends and folk tales from the Lion City. Read about: the ancient Chinese stories of Pu Luo Chung, island of mystery and danger; Badang the Great, who had the strength of a giant and the heart of a hero; Radin Mas Ayu, the beautiful and brave princess; the magical turtle of Kusu Island; and more.
Each chapter also contains part of a lovely picture puzzle, which readers can help to solve in order to find out the truth about a lost treasure from over 100 years ago. A most entertaining book not only for young readers, but the entire family.

Also available in a bundle here.

ISBN: 9789814751360
Page Count: 96
Year Published: 2016
Language: English

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