LONTAR Issue #5

Publisher: Epigram Books

This fifth issue of LONTAR presents speculative writing from and about Singapore, the Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand. Inside these pages, you’ll find:

• an ancient and fatal karmic reunion in Jakarta by award-winner Gord Sellar;
• the true origin of the Merlion by Singapore Literature Prize winner Amanda Lee Koe;
• a man’s literal transformation into an island by award-winner Ng Yi-Sheng;
• a far-future Malaysian fairy tale by Kawika Guillermo;
• a gentle aquatic apocalypse from novelist Erica Verrillo;
• an enlightening visit with a forest monk in northern Thailand by Italian journalist Massimo Morello;
• a comic on the price of technological hubris by Benjamin Chee;
• and speculative poetry from Tania De Rozario, Joel Donato Jacob, Lee Jing-Jing, Daryl WJ Lim, Christina Sng and Sokunthary Svay.

The first two issues of LONTAR were promoted heavily by online ebook seller Weightless Books: Issue #1 was the #1 ebook bestseller at Weightless Books for February/March 2014 and the #2 bestseller for May 2014; Issue #2 sold over 100 copies at Weightless Books in the first two weeks after release, and was the #1 ebook bestseller for May 2014. LONTAR has been previously featured on Boing Boing, Adventures of a Bookonaut, Diversity in SF&F, Rocket Kapre, SF Signal and io9. The print editions of issues #2 and #3 were

ISBN: 9789814655187
Page Count: 112
Year Published: 2015
Language: English

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