Means to an End

Publisher: Landmark Books

If the feeling of love is suppressed constantly, it hides in subconsciousness and exists there like a revolutionary going underground, plotting maliciously against consciousness and intending to blow it up. Contrary to this, Toh Hsien Min allows his feeling of love toward everything “we can remember” – and, above all, to the distant and nigh space – come out in the form of excellent poems. He is a poet-cartographer. Just as in his previous book The Enclosure of Love, Toh Hsien Min continues to keep a lyric diary of sorts, in which he records scrupulously the landscapes of the world and of his own soul.
—Regina Derieva, Russia

The lyrical voice implicit in the narrative poetry of Toh Hsien Min is that of the modern city state’s Everyman. The familiar and estranged go hand in hand with what is merely seemingly insignificant in this series of finely tuned philosophical observations, while gently mapping out the “emotional geographies” of modern life on each page. Reminiscent sometimes of Philip Levine or Billy Collins, Toh Hsien Min's new collection of poetry brings yet another proof to what is already certain: the continually strong stand of contemporary Singaporean poetry.
—Henry C. Enbohm, Sweden

Whether he speaks about peeling a clementine, talking with God or not breaking a mirror, Toh Hsien Min is always waiting for you where you don't expect him to show up, a bunch of improbable flowers in his hand. His words are a genuine mixture of observation, reflection and humor, opening up onto challenging insights.
—Jacques Rancourt, Canada/France

ISBN: 9789814189187
Cover Type: Softcover
Year Published: 2008
Language: English

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