Midnight Fisherman (Backorder)

Publisher: Landmark Books

From the mangaka who told his life story in A Drifting Life, and gave you Abandon the Old in Tokyo and The Push Man and Other Stories, comes this collection of gekiga of the 1970s which have never before been translated into English.

Personally selected for publication exclusively by Landmark Books by Tatsumi, the stories strip away the gloss of the Japanese Economic Miracle to reveal the stresses, desires and angst of the millions of young people who flocked to the cities where life was not what it was promised to be.
Compared to Tatsumi’s earlier stories, this collection paints a much more pessimistic world. The stories run on a different beat. The banality of modern life and its values bleed through.

Yoshihiro Tatsumi plumbs the depths of the lost Japanese youth of the 1970s. Today, ‘youth’ of every age group appreciates Yoshihiro Tatsumi. They are attracted to him because they connect with the struggles and the darkness of modern life which he portrays.
— Yoshimura Kazuma
Dean, Faculty of Manga, Kyoto Seika University
Director, International Manga Research Centre

ISBN: 9789814189385
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 200
Year Published: 2013
Language: English

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