Mountain of Fire

Publisher: Bubbly Books

In a village set on the slopes of Mount Merapi, 11-year-old Fitri and her younger brother Agus watch anxiously as the volcano comes to life. They have heard too many stories of smoke, fire and the dreaded lahar – killer lava mudflows. As the village prepares to evacuate, Fitri and Agus stumble upon a cave! What could be hidden there? They must find a way to unearth its secrets without being discovered by village bully Aditya. But someone else is watching. Someone with far more evil intentions. What could this man possibly want from Fitri and Agus? The answer could lie in Fitri’s strange and frightening dreams about the Merapi. They seem to be telling her something…

ISBN: 9789810773700
Page Count: 140
Year Published: 2013
Language: English

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