Muzika Lorong Buang Kok

By: Nadiputra
Publisher: Cokelat

Muzika Lorong Buang Kok (Lorong Buang Kok: The Musical) is Nadiputra’s bilingual text that serves an important milestone in the publication of drama manuscripts that often becomes the forgotten document soon after the repertoire has been staged.

The poetic and even rhythmic lines of the musical piece are not unlike other literary pieces, where words dramatize human feelings and actions. Those who are familiar with issues of displacement and loss, this dramatic text is a social commentary in an art form. The playwright’s may imagine some shades of memories of the kampung days, but his narration is a powerful document of social memory, an art form becoming a good dose against historical and cultural amnesia. To play with the imagination is a drama we cannot neglect.

ISBN: 9789810724900
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 156
Year Published: 2012
Language: English, Malay

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