My Singapore Lover

Publisher: Monsoon Books

Young, western and single, Sara arrives in Singapore on a magazine assignment to detail the long-held attraction between western men and Asian women. She soon becomes swept up in the exotic city, mesmerized by its glitter and glamour and seduced by promises of a career, wealth and success. However, a chance encounter followed by a charged love affair with a charismatic Chinese Singaporean hotelier, who just happens to be married, draws Sara into an unexpected inward journey that forces her to confront her past and contemplate the difference between love and infatuation. Set in contemporary Singapore, the Manhattan of Asia, this rapturous book is the story of one woman‰۪s journey of self-discovery, in which she explores her competing urges for corporate success and personal, spiritual happiness. As with Eat, Pray, Love, popular Australian author Judy Chapman writes about finding soul and spirituality in unexpected places, and having the courage to follow the truth wherever that may lead.

ISBN: 9789814423380
Page Count: 256
Year Published: 2014
Language: English

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