Nazi Goreng

Publisher: Monsoon Books

Nazi Goreng is a disturbing story of one young Malay man‰۪s coming-of-age in the big city and offers a stunning portrait of the racial tensions that pervade Malaysian society. Asrul is a fanatical yet naÌøve Muslim skinhead from small town Kedah, who finds escape in hardcore punk and aspires to life in the big city. After Asrul is recruited by friend Malik to join a neo-Nazi skinhead gang, the boys move to Penang to realise their racially fuelled teenage dreams. Petty acts of ethnic violence against immigrant workers and minority groups in the name of Kuasa Melayu (Malay Power) earn Asrul limited social empowerment and occasional ridicule, so it is not without trepidation that he follows Malik again, this time into the seedy world of the Malaysian narcotics trade, where selling drugs offers quick money and street respect. Surrounded by corrupt police officials, shifty Iranians, gun-toting Nigerians and a sexy drug mule from mainland China, Asrul soon finds himself drawn into a downward spiral that makes him question his friends, his loved ones and his core beliefs. In this intense and gripping debut, Asia-based punk rock guitarist Marco Ferrarese dishes up a powerful portrayal of displaced urban Malay life.

ISBN: 9789814423359
Page Count: 304
Year Published: 2014
Language: English

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