Old Singapore! : Beachcombers

Publisher: Landmark Books

A penniless American traveller lands a gig as the ragtime pianist of a waterfront saloon and begins a journey filled with drunken sailors, bar fights and late-night chop-suey suppers.

These memoirs of travellers and residents include extracts from
the following classic volumes:

A Visit to the Indian Archipelago
by Henry Keppel

Our Tropical Possessions in Malayan India
by John Cameron

The Golden Chersonese
by Isabella L Bird

A Beachcomber in the Orient
by Harry L Foster

Eastern Journey
by John H MacCallum Scott

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Old Singapore! : Tiffin at One O'Clock

Old Singapore! : White Gloves & Parasols

Old Singapore! : Tigers & Traders

Old Singapore! : Delicious Lazy

ISBN: 9789814189354
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 56
Year Published: 2012
Language: English

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