On a Street in Singapore: A Comic View of Singapore

Publisher: Training Plus
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Winner of POPULAR Readers’ Choice Award 2011, English (Adult)

The title of this book was inspired by a song written back in the 1940s and performed by renowned artists like Bing Crosby and The Manhattan Transfer. The lyrics of the song provide a mystical, oriental description of Singapore with its reference to temple bells, lotus flowers and perfumes of Shalimar. Traces of old Singapore remain in places like Chinatown, Little India and Arab Street. But Singapore is also a modern, cosmopolitan city-state with a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural population.

Besides tips on popular tourist attractions, this book provides the reader with an insider's view of Singapore by looking at life in the public housing estates. The reader will get an overview of the history of the island, learn about local food and get an introduction to habits that might seem peculiar to an outsider.

This book will be a handy guide to visitors whilst providing some quirky facts to those who wish to know more about Singapore.

"Lots of fun and deliciously Singaporean. A delightful book for visitors and locals."
—Eric Khoo, film director

"A charming, well-observed and heartfelt walk down 'the streets of Singapore', sure to make the reader curious to find out more about this fascinating place we call Singapore."
—Ivan Heng, Artistic Director

"Long live funny books... The more we take a comic view of ourselves the more we understand and appreciate one another."
—Lat, Comic Artist

About the Publisher/Author
James Suresh is an award winning author, corporate trainer and publisher. He has co-authored books in the Mr Kiasu series. His first illustrated book, On a Street in Singapore, won the Sunday Times Bestseller and Popular Book Award. He has developed comic strips like Kopi Tiam and Soldier Blues for magazines and newspapers including the Sunday Times, Today and The Star.

ISBN: 9789810870461
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 156
Year Published: 2018
Language: English

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