On Wings Of Storm

Publisher: Armour Publishing

In our unpredictable world, we encounter crises and disasters that can leave us with traumatic and tragic experiences. Be it the unexpected death of a loved one or the sudden onslaught of a tsunami, how do we live through these traumas and catastrophes, and yet find healing in the midst of pain?
In On Wings of Storm, leading therapist Anthony Yeo takes us through the difficult issues pertaining to trauma and its symptoms. General readers, caregivers, professional and lay counsellors – those who work with victims of traumatic incidents – will find this book a useful resource. The book features vital topics:
Why pain and suffering occur
Letting go of loss; overcoming grief
Helping children make sense of their traumatic experiences
Key processes in facilitating healing
Inspiring hope and courage – to soar above the storms of life

ISBN: 9789814138833
Page Count: 136
Year Published: 2006
Language: English

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