Or Else, The Lightning God & Other Stories


This title is part of Robert Yeo’s First Editions, it was published in 1980.

The second collection of stories by Catherine Lim following her highly successful Little Ironies - Stories of Singapore, presents another succession of vignettes brilliantly observed and meticulously executed against the backdrop of the ever-changing Singapore scene.

Or Else, the Lightning God & Other Stories is a collection of eighteen short stories by Catherine Lim, first published by Heinemann in 1980 under the Writing in Asia Series. The book follows the success of Little Ironies: Stories of Singapore, published two years ago by the same author.

The themes and style of the stories are very much carried on from Catherine Lim's first collection of short stories, Little Ironies. They focus on the snobbery, selfishness, prejudice and ignorance of the characters. The stories are also as a rule slightly longer than those in Little Ironies.

ISBN: 9971640147
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 194
Year Published: 1980
Language: English

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