Other Cities, Other Lives

Publisher: Epigram Books

In Other Cities, Other Lives, travelogues are populated with swindlers and enterprising tour guides, where nothing is as it seems. Closer to home, stories capture husbands, wives and children struggling with upheaval in the family.

Told in the elegant, spare style of a Chinese scholar, Chew’s micro-fiction reflects the voice of his generation, living through a time of immense change in the region. This is the first collection of his writing to be translated into English.

About the Cultural Medallionist:
Chew Kok Chang has published more than one hundred works, including poetry, novellas, short stories, essays and children’s books. Born in 1934 in Guangdong, he is also known by various pen names including Zhou Can, Qiu Ling, Yu Yin, Lin Zhongyue, Zhou Zhixian and Zhou Aijia. His awards include the National Book Development Council of Singapore Book Awards for Poetry and Children’s and Youth Literature, the Singapore Chinese Literature Award and the Cultural Medallion.

About the Series
The Cultural Medallion is Singapore’s highest cultural award, given to those who have achieved artistic excellence in the areas of literature, dance, music, theatre and art. It was instituted in 1979 to recognise individuals whose artistic excellence and commitment to the arts have enriched and made a distinction to Singapore’s arts and cultural landscape. Epigram Books’ Cultural Medallion series seeks to translate the works of Cultural Medallion winners writing in Tamil, Malay and Chinese into English. Matching writers with some of the best translators working in the field today, these books are being made available to an English-language audience for the first time.

ISBN: 9789810766726
Page Count: 216
Year Published: 2013
Language: English (Translated from Chinese)

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