Out of the Harbour

Publisher: LifeHope Books

What will you do if you are standing at a crossroad in life and God calls you to leave familiar surroundings for an adventure with Him?

In a remarkably vivid account, Jiamin Choo reveals her most intimate and candid moments from 25 handwritten journals penned over six years to share the life of a young person who, fresh out of school, obeyed God’s call to choose the path less trodden and serve in full-time missions.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the National University of Singapore, Jiamin became a volunteer crewmember on board Doulos, the World’s Oldest Ocean-Going Passenger Ship built in 1914.

From 2005 to 2009, she sailed to over 30 countries to bring a message of hope, and learnt to love the world beyond her shore, one port at a time.

Jiamin is now back in Singapore, serving with OM, an interdenominational missions organisation that wants to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached.

ISBN: 9789810868161
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 320
Year Published: 2011
Language: English

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