Personal and Scientific Reminiscences: Tributes to Ahmed Zewail


A compilation of wonderful tributes to the late Ahmed Zewail (1946-2016), considered the 'Father of Femtochemistry', a long-standing icon in the field of physical chemistry, and the father of ultrafast electron-based methods. The book contains testimonies by friends and relatives of Zewail and by outstanding scientists from around the world who worked or have been affiliated with the Nobel prizewinning professor. Each contribution describes the author's own unique experience and personal relationship with Zewail, and includes details of his scientific achievements and the stories around them. Personal and Scientific Reminiscences collects accounts from the most important individuals in the physical and chemical sciences to give us a unique insight into the world and work of one of the great scientists of our time.

Sample Chapter(s)
Chapter 1: Ahmed Zewail: Ultra-Scientist and Citizen (1,519 KB)

  • Ahmed Zewail: Ultra Scientist and Citizen (Dudley Herschbach)
  • Ahmed Zewail: Larger than Life (Roger Kornberg)
  • Stories from the Round Table (Marshall Cohen, Charlie Campbell and Rudolph A Marcus)
  • Ahmed Zewail: Great Scientist, Dear Friend (Harry B Gray)
  • In Memory: Ahmed Zewail (Jack Dunitz)
  • Some Personal Recollections of Ahmed Zewail (Fred C Anson)
  • My Friend Ahmed and I (Bengt Nordén)
  • A Tribute to Ahmed H Zewail (David C Clary)
  • Ahmed Zewail — A Great Scientist and Inspiring Friend (Amyand David Buckingham)
  • The Pyramid Builder (Majed Chergui)
  • A Remembrance of Ahmed Zewail (Chad A Mirkin)
  • 4D Electron Tomography: Some Recollections of the Summer of 2000 (Wolfgang Baumeister and Juergen Plitzko)
  • Anatomy of a Friendship and Collaboration (John Meurig Thomas)
  • Ahmed the Explorer (Martin Pope)
  • Ahmed Zewail: Advancing Chemistry (Norbert D Dittrich)
  • Four Decades in the Sub-basement — Walks of Life with Ahmed Zewail (Spencer Baskin)
  • Ahmed Zewail: An Honor to Egypt and Fellow Countrymen (Jehane Ragai)
  • Timing with Light (Archie Howie)
  • Ahmed Zewail — A Towering Visionary (Collin Humphreys)
  • A Glimpse of the Evolution of Adiabaticity (Noel S Hush)
  • Ahmed Zewail: Science and Scientist (Joshua Jortner)
  • Brief Encounters with Ahmed Zewail (Malcolm Longair)
  • "Peter: You Have Taught Me that Electrons are Blue!" (Peter Edwards)
  • How I Lost My Funding to Zewail (Shaul Mukamel)
  • The Brilliance of Ahmed Zewail (Paul Midgley)
  • Ahmed H Zewail: Remembering a Hero and Friend in Science (Jörn Manz)
  • Ahmed Zewail: A Reminiscence (Paul E Dimotakis)
  • "Stop All the Clocks" (Dmitry Shorokhov)
  • My Time with a Giant (Dongping Zhong)
  • Ahmed Zewail — An Inspired and Inspirational Scientist and Man (David Phillips)
  • My Memories of Ahmed Zewail — From a Snowy Northern Sweden to the Nobel Prize (Villy Sundström)
  • The Physical Basis of the Amyloid Phenomenon (Christopher M Dobson)
  • High-Intensity Mentoring and Excitement from Ahmed Zewail (Marcos Dantus)
  • BCH-codes are (In Fact) Good! (Michael J Collins)
  • Ahmed Zewail: A Reminiscence (Ahmed Okasha)
  • Goodbye My Love (Dema Faham)

Readership: Students, practitioners and researchers of chemistry, physical chemistry and physics interested in learning about one of the great minds in physical chemistry. 


ISBN: 9781786344359 (Hardcover), 9781786344632 (Softcover)
Cover Type: Hardcover, Softcover
Page Count: 300
Year Published: 2017
Language: English

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