Poor Thing

Publisher: The Necessary Stage

Poor Thing, TNS' ground-breaking production by Alvin Tan and Haresh Sharma, grapples with the issue of road rage. A unique production involving social media interaction, audiences of Poor Thing were invited to watch a video clip of an accident before they enter the theatre to catch the 'live' action on stage. During the performance, more clips were posted online which audiences could view and comment on.

Poor Thing challenges you to explore what drives road rage in Singapore.

Find more about The Necessary Stage at http://www.necessary.org


"... a pulsating, visceral production that swings steeply from taut silences to heart-pounding violence, and what becomes clear is that what is unfolding off-camera is just as important, if not more, than what is captured on camera and presented for the world to see. 

... Poor Thing sharpens the focus on that undulating territory of conflict resolution both online and offline that we are still learning how to navigate, and the line between bullying and righteous anger."

- Corrie Tan, The Strait Times Life!


"Director Alvin Tan and playwright Haresh Sharma have always been sharp and sensitive social commentators. Their grasp of social issues and ability to transform these into gripping theatre is second to none... But the duo has been equally forward thinking when looking at theatre as a mode of communication... TNS has embraced and integrated these seamlessly into the show, raising some interesting pissibilities." 

-Mayo Martin, TODAY


"... thoroughly gripping and unique production by The Necessary Stage that bitterly embraces the world of social media and explores the irrational rage that Singaporeans seem to have when dealing with each other..." 

-Naeem Kapadia, Cristalwords


ISBN: 9789810951436
Cover Type: Soft Cover
Year Published: 2015
Language: English

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