Power & Love

Publisher: Armour Publishing

Angels in modern Singapore? Rainbows forming before your eyes? In Power & Love, Rev Dr Jonathan Seet shares his journey on waiting and discovering the vision for his church and how these phenomena helped him to discern God’s heartbeat for the church. As the vision unfolded, he began to understand that the vision that he had received from the Lord was not a new vision or strategy. Instead, it was “the raising of old ruins, former desolations and ruined cities”. The early Methodists had also responded to this same call.
The call to move in Power and Love was merely a rediscovery of the call that God had already given to the body of Christ. Rev Dr Seet discusses how we can move in Power and Love and be a Redeeming Community, bringing SOZO to the body, soul and spirit of people in the community and the nations. Underpinned by a theological understanding on these subjects, Power & Love is about an exciting journey with God, and you will be challenged to make your own journey of discovering the plans and destiny that God has for you and the people you lead.

ISBN: 9789814305822
Page Count: 112
Language: English

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