Presence-Driven Donkeys (Updated Edition: with Devotional Guide)

By: Jeff Yuen
Publisher: Armour Publishing

God is looking for donkeys. As one carried His Son into Jerusalem, so must we carry Him into the lives of those around us.

Jeff Yuen has brought Christ into the streets for many years, with amazing and miraculous results. This book is not a fanciful claim of miraculous happenings; it is an honest account of someone who takes God at His Word. He brings Christian witness to places where most fear to tread—sleazy pubs, sordid back lanes, and red light districts—but where the need for the Lord’s presence is greatest. He now shares his testimonies, and challenges you to join the mighty work of God outside the walls of the church. He also shows you ways we can see the world and its everyday situations as pulpits to bring God’s transforming power into the lives of others.

Presence-Driven Donkeys is a book that will encourage many who desire to be used by God. It will stir up your faith to expect the impossible, and to bring about transformation to your surroundings despite the lack of “qualification”. The title itself is captivating, and the author identifies himself as a ‘donkey’ which God is using mightily to perform signs, wonders and miracles simply by carrying His presence wherever he goes.”
—Intercessory Missionary, House of Prayer Singapore

ISBN: 9789814765756
Page Count: 112
Year Published: 2017
Language: English

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