Princess Play

Publisher: Monsoon Books

In Volume 2 of the Kain Songket Mysteries series set in Kelantan, Malaysia, Maryam once again finds crime close to home: someone is killing the women of Kota Bharu‰۪s Central Market. Police Chief Osman has made little progress understanding Kelantanese, and seems at a loss where to begin his investigation. Although Maryam is loathe to examine any further crime, when she discovers one of the victims herself she must act. Murder is compounded by spirit possession: a Main Puteri ceremony is performed to find the killer and heal a quiet village that has been plunged into chaos.

Find the firståÊbook,åÊShadow PlayåÊhere; third book,åÊSpirit Tiger here.

Shadow Play by Babara Ismail

Spirit Tiger by Babara Ismail

ISBN: 9789814423427
Page Count: 432
Year Published: 2010
Language: English

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