Raising Thinkers: Prepare Your Child For The Journey Of Life


Raising Thinkers introduces tools and techniques to enhance critical and creative thinking, decision making and emotional, social and fluid intelligence in a growing thinker.

The skills in shortest supply for the future workplace are not technical, but behavioural – creativity, problem- solving and critical thinking. Raising Thinkers begins with an exploration of this skills gap in developed countries a national, corporate and educational perspective. In Asia there is growing unhappiness with a school system that is too narrowly focused on rote learning and teaching to test.

Raising Thinkers provides insight into the future that today’s children will inhabit as adults and what public school systems are currently serving up. It covers the mechanics of high-level, critical and creative thinking, problem solving and decision making and proposes a curiosity-based approach to problems that should be taught right from school-going years.

For current scholars and parents, change will come too late – therefore Raising Thinkers is also a guide aimed at helping parents and caregivers bridge the skills gap in fun, useful and practical ways.

ISBN: 9789814771009
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 208
Year Published: 2016
Language: English

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