Secrets of Chinese Nutrition

Publisher: Landmark Books

This is the much-awaited revised edition – complete with a fresh design and more enticing food photography – of a book that has found a place in the canon of Singapore cookbooks.

Originally published as Secrets of Nutritional Chinese Cookery, its clear and easy-to-follow recipes produce delicious and fortifying Chinese good based on principles that date back 4,000 years. It sharers how the basic techniques of stir-frying, steaming, simmering, double-boiling and stewing coaxes the best from choice and humble ingredients to produce nutritional dishes suitable for every-day meals and banquets.

The key of this book is the Chinese belief that food is eaten to promote good health. It is therefore a practical guide to eating nutritional food and maintaining good health the Chinese way.

ISBN: 9789814189231
Cover Type: Flexibound
Page Count: 252
Year Published: 2014
Language: English

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