Singapore Black

Publisher: Monsoon Books
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Singapore/Malaya, 1892: When a dead American is found floating in Rochor Canal, Chief Detective Inspector David Hawksworth begins an investigation that quickly leads into a labyrinth of deceit and violence in the polyglot steam-cooker of turn-of-the-century Singapore. As Chinese gangs verge on open turf war and powerful commercial enterprises vie for control of the economy, a stolen statue that houses an ancient Hindu goddess becomes the object of a pursuit with a mounting body count, and its seems that everyone is suffering from maniacal erotic nightmares. Will Hawksworth be able to restore order before the colony is tipped into a bloodbath? Explore the dark underbelly of nineteenth-century Singapore‰۪s Chinatown and colonial district in this hard-boiled historical thriller trilogy, comprising Singapore Black, Singapore Yellow and Singapore Red.

ISBN: 9789814423403
Page Count: 432
Year Published: 2013
Language: English

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