Singapore on the Couch

Publisher: Monsoon Books

As Singapore celebrates its 50th anniversary as a sovereign and independent country, what does it mean to be a Singaporean? Singapore on the Couch offers a unique insight into the Singapore psyche through a collection of interviews with 12 astonishing individuals, all of whom have achieved prominence in their specialty fields. Representing brawn are Ray and Roy Yeo, competitive bodybuilders and twins; displaying Singapore‰۪s celebrated business acumen are Richard Eu of Eu Yan Sang and global entrepreneur Vikram Chand; championing the Singapore arts scene are theatre and film producer W!ld Rice‰۪s Glen Goei, and music director of the Singapore National Youth Orchestra, Darrell Ang; discussing faith and its place in multi-ethnic Singapore are GP-turned-pastor and founder of Goducate Dr Paul Choo and the CEO and medical director of HCA Hospice Care Dr Akhilesh; dispelling the myth of the humourless Singaporean are quipsters Toh Paik Choo, Dream Academy‰۪s Selena Tan and Mr Brown; and representing A Truly Astonishing Singaporean ‰ÛÒ ‰Û÷ATAS‰۪ for short ‰ÛÒ is Professor Tommy Koh, one of Singapore‰۪s Ambassadors-At-Large and role model for a nation.

ISBN: 9789814423779
Page Count: 240
Year Published: 2011
Language: English

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