Singapore Perspectives 2009


The Singapore Perspectives series is a yearly publication that provides critical analysis of emerging trends and issues Singapore faces in terms of social, economic and political development. It is a quick and essential reference for understanding the broad policy discussions that animate thought leaders, policy-makers and the public in the country during the immediate period or that are likely to do so in the short and medium term.
In this volume, contributors take an in-depth look at four topics of pertinent interest to Singapore’s mid- to long-term future and offer some radical ideas for Singaporeans’ consideration. They are: Can Singaporeans Afford a High-Cost Singapore?; Can Singaporeans Remain Rooted?; Can Singapore Preserve Its Hub Status?; Can Government Do Less, and Singaporeans More? Contributors include Member of Parliament Inderjit Singh, playwright and law academic Eleanor Wong and former president of the Law Society of Singapore Philip Jeyaretnam.
Co-published by the think-tank, the Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore, this is a useful publication for those with an interest in understanding the governance challenges facing a small, highly globalised economy and nation-state, or those who want a quick feel of the pulse of Singapore.

ISBN: 9789814280624
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 128
Year Published: 2009
Language: English

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