Singapore: The Airconditioned Nation

Publisher: Landmark Books
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This book of commentaries on Singapore politics and issues goes to the core of the Singapore system and the dynamics that shaped it. It reveals the factors that give the ruling People’s Action Party its success while discussing the many tensions and contradictions of the resulting “air-conditioned nation”.

“An important volume. It is not just stimulating and wonderfully written as a survey of crucial contemporary issues, but also rich in analysis and insights about the very nature of the Singapore system and the dynamics shaping it. Cherian George gets well behind appearances to reveal many of the tensions and contradictions characterising the ‘air-conditioned nation’, as well as the factors that account for the remarkable political success of the ruling People’s Action Party. Anyone interested in where Singapore might be going, and whether temperature control can be sustained, can ill-afford not to read this volume.”
—Garry Rodan, Murdoch University
Editor, Singapore Changes Guard: Social, Political and Economic Directions in the 1990s

“Not since Stan Sesser's essay on Singapore in The New Yorker in 1992 has there been such an insightful discussion on Singaopre as a plitical phenomenon. But Sesser’s piece was only an appetizer. Cherian George’s book is the main meal many readers have been waiting for, prepared, one might almost say, lovingly, by a true sone-of-Singapore. It is a book for every thinking Singaporean.”
—Chew Kheng Chuan, Chairman of The Substation, A Home for the Arts, and former political detainee

“Generous strewn with gems of wit and insight. A must-read for any thinking Singaporean who wonders what the 1990s in Singapore was all about.”
—Tan Chong Kee, found, Singapore Internet Community

ISBN: 9789813065468
Cover Type: Softcover
Year Published: 2000
Language: English

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