Snow Over Surabaya

Publisher: Monsoon Books

Not many British schoolgirls have grown up to become revolutionary heroes of distant, eastern nations but Muriel Stewart Walker did just that. Under a multitude of different names ‰ÛÒ ‰Û÷K‰۪tut Tantri‰۪ and ‰Û÷Surabaya Sue‰۪ being the best know ‰ÛÒ she joined in the struggle for Indonesian independence after the Second World War and broadcast its revolutionary message to the world on Rebel Radio. But she did more and smuggled arms, and probably drugs, to help finance the new Republic and experienced bloody battle in the British attack on Surabaya that some have seen as a war crime. She went on to become an intimate of the revolutionary leaders and finally lived to see Indonesia take its place amongst the free nations of the world. A longtime resident of Indonesia and frequent visitor to Singapore, ‰Û÷Surabaya Sue‰۪ is virtually unknown in the West and, even in Indonesia, there have always been doubts about her version of events that many have dismissed outright as a blatant mixture of outrageous fantasy and dishonest omissions. Snow over Surabaya happily embraces those doubts and brings a new, spirited account of her adventures in that tempestuous world.

ISBN: 9781912049004
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: 272
Year Published: 2017
Language: English

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