Speak Smart, Make Your Mark: How to Communicate with Tact, Confidence and Poise at Work, Even in Sticky Situations.

Publisher: Self-Published

This book is written for professionals who are in leadership positions, i.e., managers, consultants and business owners. Very often executives get promoted into a managerial position due to their technical abilities.

In their new role, they struggle to find a firm voice to communicate with their subordinates. They now have to delegate jobs, relay tough messages and deal with uncooperative team members. They also find themselves having to give opinions and say no to their higher management. Many new managers struggle over their inability to handle these difficult situations confidently. Some retreat into passivity and some resort to aggression. To be a successful manager you need to be able to communicate and work well with a variety of people. The same applies to the business owners who now have to handle difficult staff, vendors and clients.

This book will teach you how to adopt the mindset of a masterful communicator. It is packed with useful frameworks and tips that will get you communicating with confidence and authority with subordinates, peers and bosses to get the results you want. You will also learn how to relay your thoughts and messages in a clear, straightforward and respectful way even when faced with common difficult situations at work. Now you can speak in the style of true leaders.

About the Author
Dean Shams helps executives and leaders create a strong executive presence, connect with others better and become more influential. He trains them to communicate with diplomacy, confidence and poise, especially in difficult situations. He brings with him almost two decades of experience in a career that revolves around communications. He founded his own public relations practice, KinetiqBuzz, in 2005 after seven years in the training and education industry. Dean works with business owners and directors from a wide range of industries to identify their key brand messages and present them in a clear, concise and powerful way. He further trains these leaders on how to articulate themselves in different media situations with confidence and flair while keeping their communications always on point. His articles have been published in various national media such as Straits Times, Business Times, business and lifestyle magazines. He is a certified NLP practitioner and ACTA trainer. He was appointed as an adjunct lecturer at Marketing Institute of Singapore Training Centre in January 2015. Dean was an Executive Council member of Marketing Institute of Singapore between 2013 and 2016. He served as the Honorary Secretary and spokesman in the last two years.

ISBN: 9789810982256
Cover Type: Softcover
Year Published: 2019
Language: English

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