Sushi and Tapas

Publisher: Epigram Books
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Sushi and Tapas. Sample a feast of writing from around the world. From China to America, Europe to Africa, 25 women write, delighting and shocking you with their real-life experiences.What is it like to be a top student in India, only to be married off to a brute in Canada by arranged marriage? How does one behave as the only black female in a boardroom of white men in South Africa?

How does one deal with attending a London red carpet opening of a film, immediately after being raped?

And let’s talk about being fat, being free-spirited, being in a long-distance relationship, being a mother. Being a modern woman.

Edited by Neo Gim Huay, a Singaporean, and Pepukaye Bardouille, a Dominican, Sushi and Tapas presents a wide range of extraordinary experiences that will leave you laughing and crying for more.

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“This book celebrates the tenacity and unhindered spirit found in women around the world today. You will be inspired by many of the stories within.”
Chan Heng Chee, Singapore’s Ambassador-at-large

The twenty-five stories in this book draw from the experiences of women in many countries. They range from Sweden to South Africa, Japan to the United States, and Britain to China. Across diverse contexts, women are seen to share many experiences. In the way, this book builds bonds between us all. It is transformative in encouraging us to support the empowerment of women everywhere.
— from the Foreword by Helen Clark, Administrator, United Nations Development Programme, Chair, United Nations Development Group and former Prime Minister of New Zealand 1999-2008

“These stories of great inner strength and determination remind us that sometimes, women may be the fairer, and also stronger, sex.” 
— Adrian Lee, Lifestyle Singapore

ISBN: 9789810728182
Page Count: 278
Year Published: 2012
Language: English

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