Textbook of Occupational Medicine Practice (Fourth Edition)


This fourth edition continues to provide a link between occupational health and clinical practice. It covers target organ systems that can be affected by hazardous exposures in workplaces, and it focuses on the clinical presentations, investigations and management of affected individuals. We have retained consideration of some special issues relevant to occupational medicine practice in this new edition.

The main emphasis continues to be prevention of disease and early detection of health effects. This edition of the book has been updated to include new materials, topics, and references. We have retained a few of the previous case studies and illustrations, and introduced several new ones. There are new chapters on audit and evidence-based practice and on occupational cancer. We trust that this edition addresses many of the recommendations that were provided by readers of the previous edition.

We have again asked international experts to author many of the chapters. Some of the authors are from Asia, and others from the US, UK, the Middle East and Australia. All the authors will have either clinical or academic experience in occupational medicine practice.

The book will be of interest to medical practitioners, especially those in primary care and doctors intending to pursue a career in occupational medicine. It would also be relevant for non-medical health and safety professionals wanting to know more about health effects resulting from occupational exposures. Other groups who may find this edition useful as a ready reference are medical students, occupational health nurses, or clinical specialists in fields such as dermatology, respiratory medicine or toxicology. The book is targeted at all those who are interested in the interaction between work and health, and how occupational diseases and work-related disorders may present.

Sample Chapter(s)
Foreword (89 KB)
Chapter 1: Work and Health (3,001 KB)


  • Clinical Occupational Medicine:
    • Work and Health (David Koh and Aw Tar Ching)
    • Diagnosis and Management of Occupational Diseases (Aw Tar Ching, David Koh and John P Thompson)
    • Respiratory Disorders (David Fishwick and Chris Barber)
    • Skin Disorders (David Koh and Goh Chee Leok)
    • Mental Health Disorders (Ken Addley and Robert Kerr)
    • Musculoskeletal Disorders (Keith Palmer, Jane Frølund Thomsen and Sigurd Mikkelsen)
    • Auditory Disorders (Ailin Razali and Krishna Gopal Rampal)
    • Hematological Disorders (Ng Wee Tong and Mark Newson-Smith)
    • Neurological Disorders (Ian Brown and Arjune Sen)
    • Occupational Infections (Rayhan Hashmey and Aw Tar Ching)
    • Renal Disorders (Huw Rees, Doris T Chan and Steve Riley)
    • Cardiovascular Disorders (Mikhail S Dzeshka, Eduard Shantsila and Gregory Y H Lip)
    • Hepatobiliary and Gastrointestinal Disorders (Ian Brown and Jane Collier)
    • Eye Injuries and Other Disorders (Laurence Lim Shen and Wong Tien Yin)
    • Metabolic Disorders (Tng Eng Loon and Lee See Muah)
    • Reproductive Disorders (Lim John Wah and David Koh)
    • Occupational Cancers (Lin Fritschi and Alison Reid)
  • Special Issues in Occupational Medicine:
    • Ethics in Occupational Medicine (David Koh and Lee See Muah)
    • Occupational Medicine Practice and the Law (Lee See Muah and David Koh)
    • Audit and Evidence-Based Occupational Medicine Practice (Yue-liang Leon Guo)
    • Health Screening and Periodic Medical Examinations (Aw Tar Ching and David Koh)
    • Aviation Medicine (Brian See and Gan Wee Hoe)
    • Diving Medicine (Gregory Chan Chung Tsing)
    • Remote Health Care (John Nelson Norman)
    • Medical Disasters Planning and Response (Halim Mohamed and Abu Hasan Samad)
    • Communication in Occupational Medicine (Max Lum)
    • Cultural Aspects of Occupational Medicine Practice (Adul Bandhukul)
    • Workers' Compensation Schemes (Paul Cullinan)
    • Rehabilitation and Return to Work (Nerys Williams)
    • Prevention of Occupational Diseases (David Koh and Aw Tar Ching)

Readership: Serves as a useful guide for all those who are interested in occupational medical practice. These include medical students at various levels, occupational health nurses, general practitioners, researchers or colleagues and professionals in occupational and public health and safety — in other words, for all who have committed themselves to do the best practice for the health of working people.

ISBN: 9789813200692
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 956
Year Published: 2017
Language: English

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