The Changi Murals

Publisher: Landmark Books

The Changi Murals are a priceless part of our war heritage, holding deep emotional value, not just for ex-prisoners of war, but for all who visit them and come to know of their poignant history.
This book tells of the remarkable, long-standing relationship between the Changi Murals and their painter, Stanley Warren. Ironically, while painting the murals, his own fellow prisoners knew so little of his background that they were coming up with their own ‘myths’ about the mysterious painter.
This historically-based account follows Stanley Warren’s journey through World War II: from soldier, to prisoner of war, and finally, his return to civilian life. The true story of an ordinary, yet inspiring and fascinating individual who found strength, passion and meaning in the bleak confines of his prison camp.

“I read the book with profit and interest. This is a powerful story of how one prisoner of war, experiencing pain and degradation, was able to express through art his unshakeable belief in a common humanity we all share– both friend and foe. The story of Stanley Warren is testimony to why the Changi Murals in Singapore shouls be preserved forever. The future generations may have one more place to reflect on the consequences or both brutality and mercy in way.”
—Dr. Kevin Blackburn
Humanities and Social Studies, National Institute of Education

“This episode has an important place in the Changi story and I am delighted that Peter Stubbs has now recorded it in full. It covers Warren's experiecnes and his wonderful work on the Murals most comprehensively, and will prove worthwhile to the historiography of Singapore's wartime years.”
—Air Commodore H.A. Probert
President, RAF Changi Association

ISBN: 9789813065840
Cover Type: Softcover
Year Published: 2003
Language: English

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