The Heart Radical

Publisher: Monsoon Books

Esteemed human rights lawyer Su-Lin Tan barely recognizes Professor Paris Thumboo when he delivers a lecture in London. For the last time she saw him was in a crowded Malayan courtroom more than half a century ago, during the trial that would change her life‰Û_

It‰۪s 1951 and Malaya is in the grip of The Emergency‰۝ between government forces and communist rebels. Yet eight-year-old Su-Lin lives in relative ignorance of the chaos raging around her.
That is until she shadows her beloved father, defence barrister K C Tan, as he embarks on a sensational new case ‰ÛÒ and into Su-Lin‰۪s life walks war hero Dr Anna Thumboo, her son Paris and her lover, Toh Kei, the enigmatic leader of the jungle rebels.For Anna and Toh Kei, the trial is a matter of life and death. For Su-Lin it‰۪s the start of a journey of discovery ‰ÛÒ about love and sacrifice, about truth and lies, and about fighting for what your believe in whatever the cost.Told primarily through the voice of a young girl awakening to the world.

ISBN: 9789814625159
Page Count: 448
Year Published: 2015
Language: English

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