The Hills of Singapore

Publisher: Monsoon Books

The Hills of Singapore is Volume 3 of the The Straits Quartet. Drawing on real-life historical personalities and actual places from 19th century Singapore, author Dawn Farnham brings to life the heady atmosphere of Old Singapore where piracy, crime, triads and tigers are commonplace. This intense and passionate 4-volume romance follows the struggle of two lovers: Charlotte Macleod, sister of Singapore‰۪s Head of Police, and Zhen, triad member and once the lowliest of coolies, who beats the odds to become a wealthy Chinese merchant. Opium, murder, incest, suicide, passion and love‰Û_ a heady combination in the sin city of the south seas.

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The Straits Quartet Box Set

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ISBN: 9789814423618
Page Count: 328
Year Published: 2014
Language: English

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