The Little Red Box

Publisher: Landmark Books
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The Little Red Box contains Written Country & City of Small Blessings and objects meaningful to our small country’s past and social landscapes.

Written Country, edited by Gwee Li Sui, is an acclaimed anthology that tells the history of Singapore via excerpts from our literature from the Japanese Occupation to the death of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. City of Small Blessings, the Singapore Literature Prize winning novel by Simon Tay, explores the meaning of home and how Singaporeans strive to contribute to its maturity.

The box also contains a unique keepsake: a handmade clay tablet impressed with the line “Time passes for the historian”, taken from Tay’s novel.

Also included are bookplates featuring a national monument - the old Supreme Court, now part of the National Gallery.

The Little Red Box, which comes with a convenient gift tag, is a suitable present for those who are keen on Singaporean writing, our history and its national fabric.

ISBN: 9780109904041
Cover Type: Box Set
Year Published: 2017

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