The Prodigy Series #1: Blade of The Chrysalis

Publisher: Pause Narratives

The former soldier, Jaasur, is on a mission of redemption. He ventures through a wasteland to Chamrouen, the capital city of Katchana, to rescue a rebel leader who may be the key to bringing down a tyrant. Unwittingly pulled into this conflict are Ulyn, her enigmatic brother Daiyan, and the street urchin Kaidai. Can they stop the forces of the Emperor and bring a new spring to the land? Set in an original fantasy world inspired by Asian mythology, The Prodigy: Blade of the Chrysalis is the first volume in a series written and illustrated by award-winning creators Dave Chua and Koh Hong Teng. 

About the authors
Dave Chua won the SPH-NAC Golden Point Short Story Contest in 1995. His first novel, Gone Case, received a Singapore Literature Prize Commendation Award in 1996. He worked on the comic adaptation with artist Koh Hong Teng. The novel was also adapted into a two-part mini series broadcast over Singaporean TV in 2013. His short story, Last Days, won the second prize in Chiaroscuro magazine's short story contest in 2010. His collection, The Beating and Other Stories, was longlisted for the 2012 Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award. His work has been translated into Chinese, Spanish, Italian, and French. 

Koh Hong Teng is an award-winning illustrator and comic artist based in Singapore. In 2012, he co-created the graphic novel Ten Sticks and One Rice with writer Oh Yong Hwee that won the bronze award in The 7th International Manga Award the following year, making them Singapore's first comics creators to win a prized international award from Japan. He is the co-recipient of the Book of the Year Award and the Best Illustrated Non-Fiction Award at the Singapore Book Awards 2017 for the history art book Building Memories: People, Architecture, Independence.

The Prodigy is the third collaboration between Dave and Hong Teng.

ISBN: 9789811189456
Cover Type: Softcover
Year Published: 2018
Language: English

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