The Raising Arcadia Trilogy



Arcadia sees the world like no one else. Exceptionally observant, the quick-witted sixteen-year-old finds herself drawn into unravelling a mystery at school, even as a tragedy at home reveals the puzzling circumstances of her parentage. A series of clues lead her to Oxford University and a confrontation with an enemy, but all is not as it seems. Who should Arcadia trust as she tries to uncover the dark secret of her birth?

Witty, suspenseful and compelling, the trilogy brims with challenging brain-teasers and brilliant deductions that is sure to delight readers of all ages.

“Packed with intellectual puzzles, the taut chain of events invites the reader's participation every step of the way. This subtle, intriguing novel raises the bar for young adult contemporary fiction. When we enter the world of our brilliant teenage protagonist with all its attendant mysteries—who is Arcadia? Who is our killer? — we are reminded that the present, viewed keenly, holds all the keys to the past. This book is impossible to put down.”
— Michelle Martin, MediaCorp Radio Broadcaster, Host of Talking Books

“Easily my favourite novel of 2016, with my favourite heroine, this first book of the Arcadia Trilogy centres around 16-year-old Arcadia: prodigiously intelligent, observant, and very much a misfit at her exclusive school. It was intoxicating to have such a strong character use intellect rather than supernatural abilities or weaponry to solve the minor puzzles (where the reader is pitted against Arcadia) and the more sinister mystery twists that ultimately shake Arcadia’s trust in family and identity. Books 2 and 3 can’t come quickly enough for me.”
— Review by Gleebooks, Sydney’s leading independent bookseller

“Raising Arcadia is a pacy mystery novel that has, at its centre, the irrepressible (and perhaps sociopathic) heroine Arcadia, a sixteen-year-old searching for her place in the adult world. Stuffed with intrigue and mystery, it will be adored by young adults and by adults who prize curiosity and challenge. Read it — and then read it again, to see if you noticed all the clues.”
— Adrian Tan, lawyer and author of The Teenage Textbook

“She’s Harry Potter without a wand; Katniss Everdeen without a quiver. It’s the world against Arcadia, armed only with her fabulous, prodigious, logical mind. A super impressive debut.”
— Tony Wilson, author of Players and Making News

“Chesterman’s compelling creation of Arcadia, a preternaturally precocious sleuth with an unsettlingly clear-sighted and plain-spoken manner, is matched by the twists and turns of a devious plot, making for a true page-turner.”
— Philip Jeyaretnam, S.C., author of Abraham’s Promise

“In prose so still and measured, Chesterman methodically uncovers Arcadia’s world. Beneath this astonishing portrait of a family is an invisible intellectual machinery at work that will intrigue readers at every turn. I am already impatient for the next book.”
— Leeya Mehta, author of The Towers of Silence

“What a mind-racing read! Raising Arcadia is Fringe meets Perception, Hermione meets Sherlock … a wonderful exploration of destiny vs. potential.”
— Sharon Au, actress and founder of

ISBN: 9789814794299
Cover Type: Softcover
Page Count: Bundle set
Year Published: 2017
Language: English

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