The Teenage Workbook

Publisher: Landmark Books
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Lustier than the last, faster than the first, the Teenage Workbook takes an unex purgated romp through the home, school and love life of people teetering on the brink of teen and adulthood.
Yes, people like Dr E (We’ll tell you what E stands for) Sopramaniam, MA (East Anglia), PhD (Calcutta). People like Mills & Boon, Bikini Nikki and a hunky Dream Guy named Daniel. People like our old friends Chung Kai, Mui Ee, Kok Sean and Sissy.
Theirs is a story of loony turns and unexpected twists, as crazy and unpredictable as the April weather. It is a story about wild cars and mad wives, hot foods and piercing screams. It's a story that's shamelessly frank.
Read it to believe it.

ISBN: 9789813002289
Cover Type: Softcover
Year Published: 1989
Language: English

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