The Wanderer

Publisher: Pustaka Nasional

The Wanderer is a collection of poems by Suratman Markasan that have been translated into English. Like the persona of the wanderer, the poetic words travel along human experiences, unravelling insights and reflection of a literati whose literary standing is one of humanistic commitment. Reflective poems point to a double image. One is about the poet himself and the other is the reader’s own self-affiliation.

To relate a poem with one’s aspect of life may not be uncommon, but interestingly the affection of spirituality as part of this living journey encapsulates the voice in search of solace and meaning. Suratman serenades this with insights, for poetry meanders and wonders with the journey of the self in society.

ISBN: 9789971778590
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 86
Year Published: 2015
Language: English

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