The Wives of Sir Stamford Raffles

Publisher: Landmark Books

This pair of elegant, slip-cased volumes are devoted to Raffles’ second wife, Sophia (1786-1858), who wrote the first published account of her husband’s life and achievements, and his lesser-known but equally, if not more intriguing, first wife, Olivia (1771-1814).

The volumes contain meticulously researched information about the two ladies, their relationships with their husband, and the character and family life of the founder of the modern Singapore. There are also illuminating sidelights onto lifestyles of the early colonial era.

The books include full-colour and monochrome illustrations and engravings and have separate bibliographies.

ISBN: 9789814189491
Cover Type: Hardcover
Page Count: 128 (Sophia); 160 (Olivia)
Year Published: 1950
Language: English

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